Natfood CJSC has started its activity in the meat processing production since 1998 and represents “Biella” and “The Farm” trademarks. The company is one of the largest meat-processing companies in Armenia, and has earned the trust and respect of customers and partners for its 15 years of fruitful work. The company’s main goal has always been producing natural, ecologically clean and fresh meat products in accordance with the established standards.

Natfood CJSC embarked on a new modern meat plant construction project which became possible due to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank and the close cooperation with VTB Bank in Armenia. The new factory construction was supported by the Armenian Government as well as by the Central Bank of Armenia.

In 2013 January 15, the company launched its first product in the new factory and February 16, the company held the official opening with the participation of the Armenian President Serj Sargsyan.

The factory design was carried out by a German design company and was built exclusively according to European standards. The new factory is completely armed with German and Austrian production of modern equipments which have been acquired from such companies as Webomatic, Seydelmann, Polyclip, Alpina, Schroter and Treif.

As a result, we have a factory with a production capacity of 40 tons per day. We have all opportunities to maximize the production capacity up to 80 tons per day. The modern technologies and the variety of high quality products afford the Company to be competitive among the Western producers. Being the first in the region the Company does everything to increase its competitive position.

The company`s issued trademarks are

“Biella” with its varied assortment of sausages

“Ferma” with its packed local fresh meat and deep-frozen meat product

“Natfood Elit” which is issued for Georgian market

In the near future we plan to produce sausages using only local fresh meat, which will be introduced by “Degusto” trademark.